Day 2 and day 3

Day 2 to Croydon Normanton wwas long and uneventful

Day 2 and day 3 P9070132-300x225

The long long road...


Day 3

Normanton to Cloncurry

On the road there are signs to cattle stations, where huge herds of cows and bulls are tended by teams of stockmen using horses, motorbikes, quad bikes, helicopters and small planes. It must be a tough life, as well as living hours from anywhere.

Hamburger at Burke and Wills Road House, (Burke and Wills were two famous explorers from 150 years ago) we saw huge road trains transporting cattle to ports for export, or fattening up in the south, or simply abattoirs for McDonalds.


Road train with cattle

The camping ground we chose for the night was a recent acquisition by a firm that owns 36 camping grounds around Australia. The manager explained their interesting business model with low yields, but  low overheads…



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