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Crossing Australia/ La grand traverse

Day 1

After collecting our campervan and packing it up with clothes, food and maps, we set off at 11am into the Australian wilderness, although in fact the first road out of town climbed high into the rainforest hills, unique to this part of Australia. Trees of over 1000 years old, swinging vines, lush and green vegetation. We were leaving behind the tropical palms that we were getting used to on our eastern coast.

David started the driving and (only) an hour later into todays  planned 4 hour drive, stopped for the  first coffee at the Nut House.

Here, in a tiny village called  Tongo, is the co operative processing centre of the Australian peanut industry  and we were able to sample some of the 30 varities of prepared peanuts, the more unusual were: pink sugar coated, butterscotch, curry, garlic, and they were toasted, roasted boiled or  grilled.

Interestingly they export 99% of their peanuts to Japan, and 99% of Australian peanut consumption is imported from China or Venezuala. Doesn’t sound very organic to me…

Armelle took over the driving, and we headed west towards Undara, our first overnight stop. On the road we saw loads of enormous Termite mounds.

Crossing Australia/ La grand traverse P9050005-300x225


After settling in our first caravan park, we headed off with an experienced Savannah Guide, who took us through the wild country where we saw plenty of kangaroos in family groups, and young ‘Joeys’ courting.



We enjoyed the sunset from the peak of a rocky crag.



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